Window Tint

A window is an important feature of your home and automobiles; it allows the passage of air into the home and automobiles. Also, it aids proper illumination. Do you know that tinting your windows can improve the tensile strength of your window?  Window tinting is the process of installing thin laminate film to the interior or exterior of the glass surfaces in the automobiles, homes, and building. The thin laminate film used for the tinting exercise is usually made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a thermoplastic polymer resin.
Firehouse window Tint is a leading global service provider in window tinting; we are well versed in offering excellent services in window tint for your building, homes, and automobiles. We are conversant with the technology needed to render quality tint for your windows. Our services are expertly executed on your window so that it can provide the tensile strength and dimensional stability.
As a company, we are certified by the international window film association. We have rendered a countless number of windows tinting services to our clients; the outstanding results we have recorded over the years speak a lot about us. Generally, window films are generically classified by their construction components, the purpose they are used for, and technical performance they provide. As experts in window tint services, we are very experienced in offering your windows that window films that fit the purpose for which it is used.
Our services will provide a retrofit upgrade for your windows with the following unique qualities;
Heat and glare reduction
Thermal insulation
Ultraviolet filtration
Safety and security
Decoration, Signage, and branding.
Our window tint design is a very cost-effective method for a reduction of heating and cooling costs because it produces proper insulation for your windows thereby serving as a resistance to heat flow. This will save you some money on energy consumption.
In undertaking our window tinting service, heat rejection films are usually applied to the interior of flat glass windows to reduce the quantity of the infra-red, visible light and ultraviolet radiation entering through the windows. This is done by applying dye to the films to enable it to reject the infrared from the sun.
Also, our team will apply low-emissivity coating to the outer pane of a glazed window for the conversation of heat during the cold weather of the winter season. Again, your glass is installed with security films to hold it together in case of breakage. This will prevent dangerous objects from gaining access into your home through the window. We are very skilled in applying privacy films on glass windows to reduce the visibility through the glass. This is done for home windows and automobiles where utmost privacy is needed.
Nobody does it better than Firehouse Window Tint in the provision of excellent window tinting services, we are endowed with techniques and personnel needed to render outstanding service to you in a way that will beat your imagination. We are a licensed company; our services are cost-effective, affordable and will meet your budget provisions. You deserve the window that will offer the proper security, privacy, and energy saving. We are poised to serve you in this regard at Firehouse Window Tint.
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