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When it comes to choosing film for your vehicle it can be overwhelming with a vast number of choices on the market. With Llumar film, you can have peace of mind knowing you made the right decision. Known for their quality, color stability and patented scratch-resistant coating, Llumar films are virtually maintenance free and extremely durable.

Llumar automotive window films are designed to add style, protection and comfort to your vehicle. Installing film to your vehicle won’t only keep it cooler and more comfortable, but will also reduce the strain on your air conditioning system. This in return, will help save fuel, saving you money. Llumar film will shield you from that distracting glare the sun causes and will allow your car to keep it’s value by protecting the interior from the harmful UV rays. Exposure from UV A and UV B not only fades and cracks the interior, but over-exposure can lead to skin cancer and other damaging effects.

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For safety, security or just protection from the hot sun, we can also help you will all your tint needs for your business.

Whether an office building or a retail store, Llumar films are perfect for all your needs. With a wide variety of colors and shades, we can design a custom solution to fit any need.

Security is always a concern in today’s age and we would be happy to discuss any solution to help keep you and your employees safe.

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Our home is your largest investment, so allow us to protect it with Llumar films. Our films will not only make your home more energy efficient but will protect the interior from harmful UV rays. In return, you will enjoy the added benefit of lower utility bills, added privacy, improved comfort and greater protection.

Unprotected windows are one of the most inefficient areas in your home, where an average of 50% of your utility bill is wasted due to heat loss. Llumar film will help control your heating and cooling expenses by keeping the solar heat out during the hot summer months.

By reducing the harmful effects of UV rays by 99%, Llumar film will protect your furniture, valuable antiques, artwork and hardwood floors from fading and discoloration.