Home Window Tinting Jacksonville, FL

Home window tinting Jacksonville, FL changed the outlook of our home, created additional privacy for our family and saved money on our bills.

Health Of The Family

Our family home is filled with my most treasured possessions including my children and wife, and I work hard to pay for a lifestyle which they deserve. My wife and I loved travelling before we had children, and a beautiful view from every window has been important to us ever since, so when we looked around what would eventually be our home here in Jacksonville FL, and saw the view from the huge bedroom picture windows, we knew it was the place for us.
The large windows both upstairs and down make it a great place to spend our family time together but on really hot days we have taken to having the motorized window shades right down to keep the place cooler without turning the air conditioning on full blast. My son suffers with eczema and the cold air dries his skin out and makes it very painful, so unless it is absolutely crucial to have it on then we prefer to just pull down the shutters. The issue with this of course is that it ruins our views, but it is tough trying to get the balance between the high expense of the AC, ensuring my son feels comfortable and wanting to see our views!

Safety Of Our Treasured Possessions

Alongside this, we have also collected many pieces of furniture which have been passed down through our family, as well as items which we picked up on our travels. It is important to us to keep them as heirlooms but we had begun to notice that certain pieces were beginning to fade due to the amount of time the wood was spending in the sunlight each day from the windows.

Happy Changes Thanks to Home Window Tinting Jacksonville, FL

Our car has tinted windows, and I had noticed over the years that it felt a lot cooler when you first got in on a hot day, and so, one day when considering the mounting number of reasons we had to get some home window tinting done, it occurred to me to begin doing some research.
Researching ‘home window tinting Jacksonville, FL’, I quickly found Firehouse Windsor Tint and felt that their Llumar film would be the best for our homes’ windows because the website said it reduced harmful UV rays by 99%!
Speaking to them directly, I was told the Llumar film would keep the house cooler in the hot months meaning that we could leave the air conditioning off to soothe my son’s skin and lower the bills. In turn this also meant that we could keep the blinds up so our view could once again be enjoyed, and our precious items would be protected from fading and discoloration.
After a free home visit from Firehouse Window Tint we decided to go for the light shade tint, and we have been thrilled with their professionalism and the results of our great home window tinting Jacksonville, FL.