Commercial Window Tinting Jacksonville, FL Saved Me The Expense Of A Major Office Move

I have run my business in Jacksonville, FL for the past ten years and two years ago we moved into our current offices in the centre of town.  It is a light, bright and airy space which we all find very refreshing compared to where we were before, but without the help of some commercial window tinting Jacksonville, FL we would have been forced to move on once again.

The issue my team mentioned a lot was that, in the summer, the plate glass windows brought in so much light and that they were getting too hot.  Someone even told me that he felt sunburnt at the end of the day!

It had never occurred to me that you could burn through glass, but after researching it I found that it is a very common problem within offices with large windows.

We had taken to drawing the blinds in an attempt to overcome the issue but the whole space then felt dark and small and I noticed that the staff became less productive and more prone to taking breaks and stepping outside for five minutes throughout the day.  I became so concerned that I even began looking for new offices which would have been a massive undertaking and very disruptive to our work, but I felt I was running out of options!


Discovering A Solution

Whilst at a business owners Meet-Up one evening I mentioned the problem I was having to someone and he told me that the company who tinted his car windows, and whom he highly recommended, also offered window tinting for buildings!  Looking into it I discovered that this option not only reduces the heat and UV exposure, it also lowers energy bills because the air conditioning would no longer need to be on full blast all day, every day.


Professional And Helpful

I took a trip down to the Firehouse Window Tint offices to have a chat with them about the problem and get a quote.

I was very impressed with the set up of their commercial window tinting Jacksonville, FL showroom and decided to go ahead.  They assisted me in choosing a film shade for the best outcome, and from there the job took very little time and with little disruption to my team.

My employees and I now find that not only are we cooler throughout the day despite the air-conditioning system being on far lower than ever before, another issue has been resolved which we had not even recognised as being a problem prior to getting the tints: the sun no longer glares off our computer screens making them far easier to use!

Overall, the use of their commercial window tinting Jacksonville, FL has made a real difference to my business in so many practical ways and has meant that I no longer need to go to the huge effort and expense of moving offices, which is such a relief!