Automotive Window Tinting In Jacksonville, FL Helps Me Take Care Of My Family’s Health

We travel a lot as a family and watching a documentary on sun damage had made me extremely fearful and that is when I began to look for automotive window tinting in Jacksonville, FL as a way to keep my children healthy and safe!

As a family we love trips in our camper van, especially in the longer school holidays when we travel across the country or beach hop for a few weeks.  We obviously spend a lot of time in the van to get from place to place and because we always use the air conditioner, it had not occurred to us that the rays of the sun were still radiating through the glass and on to our skin.  This really scared me and I felt unsure about what to do beyond putting on sun lotion before leaving the house.

A Whole New Way

I began to research the subject, trying to find a solution to this worrying new realisation and in doing so I stumbled on the concept of tinting car windows which is not something I had ever considered!  In my mind, tinted windows were reserved for the rich and famous and we weren’t celebrities but still, I continued my search for automotive window tinting in Jacksonville, FL and that is when I came across a local company called Firehouse Window Tint, who specifically did automotive window tinting in Jacksonville, FL.
When we contacted them about our concerns we were told that their Llumar tints protect not only our skin from the UV rays but also the interiors of the car, which was not something we had considered.  We love our camper van and treat it with great care so if this was a way to help it last longer, and maybe even retain additional value over the years by stopping the leather seats cracking and the interiors fading, then this really appealed to us and we decided to go ahead with them.

Choosing The Right Shade

We didn’t want anything too dark and were worried that it might affect the overall look of the van if we chose the wrong shade of tint so the guys at Firehouse Window Tint suggested that we went along to their showroom for automotive window tinting in Jacksonville, FL to see the different films and choose the right one for our car and our needs which really helped us feel better about what to go with.
Overall they did an amazing job, were so helpful and professional from start to finish and completely understood what our needs and concerns were.  And since they were local to us we were back on the road in no time!