Serving the greater Jacksonville area since 2000, Firehouse Window Tint is firefighter owned and operated. We pride ourselves in being Jacksonville’s premiere, highest rated all purpose window tint company, with almost 400 authentic google reviews from satisfied customers. We specialize in automotive, residential and commercial window tint application. We are one of the area’s select authorized Llumar retailers, and all of our films carry Llumar’s Lifetime Warranty.

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Llumar automotive window film is designed to add style, protection, and comfort to your vehicle. Installing window tint in your car will keep interior temperatures down, provide 99% UV protection for occupants and reduce the strain on your eyes and the vehicle’s air conditioning system.


Llumar Residential window film will protect your furniture, valuable antiques, artwork, and hardwood floors from fading and discoloration. Window film can eliminate hot spots in a room, reduce the cost of cooling, and eliminate afternoon glare. This film is engineered for strength, using a heavy-duty polyester compound that bonds to glass with strong adhesives. Once installed, it makes the glass in your home less vulnerable, adding a tough layer that will hold together better if broken. Ask us about our multi-purpose film that combines safety and security features with solar control technology. Life can be unpredictable. Ensure peace of mind with our safety and security film adding protection for your family, home, and possessions.


LLumar® commercial window film enhances the appearance and comfort of buildings. We offer solar control and decorative window film options. These allow for a cost-effective solution for creating privacy and improving the aesthetic appeal of a building. Solar film ranges from nearly invisible for historic properties to reflective for a modern look that obscures interior viewing in daylight. Solar control window film helps save energy, money, and the planet. It boosts the performance of existing glass, relieving overworked HVAC systems and reducing energy consumption. Professional audits estimate that buildings retrofitted with LLumar film can realize annual energy savings from 5-15% with improved HVAC efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Our decorative film is available in a wide range of textures and patterns; This thoughtfully curated line of decorative window film transforms the function and feel of commercial spaces by adding privacy, filtering light, and creating one-of-a-kind designs. Unlike specialty glass, decorative window film is budget-friendly and minimally disruptive when installed or removed. It is a great space refresher when styles or clients change.

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Your home is your largest investment, so allow us to protect it with Llumar films. Our films will not only make your home more energy efficient but will protect the interior from harmful UV rays. In return, you will enjoy the added benefit of lower utility bills, added privacy, improved comfort and greater protection.


When it comes to choosing film for your vehicle it can be overwhelming with a vast number of choices on the market. With Llumar film, you can have peace of mind knowing you made the right decision. Known for their quality, color stability and patented scratch-resistant coating, Llumar films are virtually maintenance free and extremely durable.
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For safety, security or just protection from the hot sun, we can also help you will all your tint needs for your business. Whether an office building or a retail store, Llumar films are perfect for all your needs. With a wide variety of colors and shades, we can design a custom solution to fit any need.

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Firehouse Window Tint is firefighter owned and operated and has had the pleasure of serving the men and women of Northeast Florida for over 23 years. Whether your vehicle needs that extra layer of sun protection or you need your home or business protected, a professional install and a friendly face are the best customer service. All our installers are factory trained and certified with an average of 15 years of experience. We will guarantee you are satisfied with your final outcome, and our lifetime warranty will ensure your product lasts for many years to come.

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